GOD SLAYER 蛮荒搜神记(China) Activaed Account

God Slayer named as 蛮荒搜神记 in Chinese. The game is developed by Changyou. Its pre open beta test will released on 27 October 2017

God Slayer named as 蛮荒搜神记 in Chinese.The game is developed by Changyou. Open beta test s on 27 October 2017.

God Slayer Official Websitehttp://mh.changyou.com/

 Download God Slayer Clienthttp://mh.changyou.com/download/index.shtml


Account Information:

  • We will provide God Slayer account and password. The account had been activated and available to enter test on October 27. Activation code are available to activate any Changyou account here http://mh.changyou.com/active.shtml
  • Available to change password and recharge
  • Don't support for refund
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