ELYON (KR)Verified Account

NewGameWay.com provide Elyon korean verified account ACCOUNT UNABLE TO DO RE-VERIFICATION ! Game website:https://elyon.game.daum.net/

This game is not free play. You need game account and package to play !

STEP1. BUY ELYON KR VERIFIED ACCOUNT (no game package include)

STEP2.You log in game website (LOG IN WITH KAKAO )

Confirm account is working good.Then buy game package !!!



Korea VPN need ! 

Account unable to do re-verification !

If account BLOCKED at frist log in, we replace a new one .

Account is easy to be blocked !Do not buy if you do not want to take risk !

Account once delivered , do not refund for any reason!

Do not use Exitlag VPN,most ip blocked!






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