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Black Desert (KR) guide -how to start play


open game site

and click the  picture  to  log in.




If you do not use KR VPN.  It will ask you fill ID EMAIL to confirm 


"choose the option and inpute "ID EMAIL " 


Image and video hosting by TinyPic 3.  click the picture to start download



4. dowload plug and install it 


5. back homepage and click the GameStart pic again

agree the agreement : agree again :




7. back home page and click "GameStart" to dowload game client 



After install complete.  go game site and click "GAMESTART" 

it will luancher ..


NOTE:   set the secondary password  in game.

when you log in game , it will ask you set the 2nd password.  6 digits numbers.   type the same numbers two times to confirm 

Take care. DO NOT forget what numbers you set at the first time login.

If you fill the secondary password wrong 3 times, account will be locked !

Once account is locked, can not play anymore !



 Make character name :



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