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Bless Online Opening Day Adventures

Bless Online has had a rough Opening Beta with servers going down instantly after the opening date followed by a five-hour long maintenance! I was actually hoping that the game would have an improved combat system during the past few tests, but it doesn't seem like there has been any changes. Even so the targeting seems a lot funkier than ever with the new midget Mascu race as Melee character.



As you can see in the gameplay, I was whiffing monsters when they were clearly in front of me along with randomly losing sight of my target due to the assisted targeting system a bit similar to Blade & Souls, but this one was just spazzing out, maybe because I'm too small? I like moving around as an Assassin, but I couldn't really do that with this race... because it would randomly lose target when it's clearly in front of me?! lol I couldn't take it anymore, so I went along with a Panthera Berserker. I'm still trying to decide what main job to play, RvR is going to be very painful as a melee with all the cluster f's going on check the video below for reference. If it becomes really bad, I'll just end up rerolling a Mage or Archer or become a healer, but healers are only fun when you're playing with other players. Solo adventure life RIP. Developer: Neowiz Bless Studio Publisher: Neowiz PMANG Game Site: buy account at

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