LOST ARK Korea Phone Verified Account( general) SOME ACCOUNTS NEED RE-VERIFY ON NOV.12

If your LOST ARK Korea Phone Verified Account( general) need re-verify before NOV.12TH, we do 8.5USD refud now

Do not place order if your account was not required re-verify on NOV 12th !

Do not place order more times!

We will check your account .real need re-verify . Then do refund !

we will refund 8.5 to your paypal in few days . 

*This product open  5days !!


NOTE: inpute right infor into message box in check page .


*your order number of newgameway ,


*Game ID




* your paypal email 


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LOST ARK Verified Security Account(30days recharge)

lost ark security account is able to do re-verify but you have to do recharge every 30days. Account will be sold to other player once you stop recharge