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TERA(KR) password recover guide

Hangame account Recover password guide open site : follow the steps below Step 1   Step2   Step3     Step4 Step5   Step6 log in your email to check the new password  more2012-04-26 14:50:57


Hangame( C9 or TERA) password and email change guide

sign in   then follow the step as screens below email is important than password   1 . email change guide ( email is very important for recover password when you lost it) step 1 log in write you account ID  ,password then click the big button step 2 click the button in profile step 3 Click this button step 4 fill your account password  and  last 7 number of KSSN , such like KSSN: 지애-581016-"2357117" ( red number ) step 5 Choose email and fill your email address   step 6 page opens a new window. Click to Confirm the changed information   step 7 log out   2. password change guide : step 1 log in step 2 click the button step 3 Click the button step 4 page open a new window, fill the old password, new password, new password ,then click the last button password  must be between eight and sixteen characters in length.(number and alphabet )   step 5 new window open, click the button step 6 log out complete,  click the right sidd top button to log out more2012-03-09 14:55:55


Tera KR Client download start

Tera KR Client download started : Download client here   (must log in the offical site) Click that pic to start donwloadmore2012-03-09 14:54:57