Melon is a South Korean online music store. Only verified MelOn account can buy plan to listen and download songs. So if you want to download and listen songs on Melon . melon Official website: NewGameWay rent this korean cell phone verified account 30days

1.This is not permanent Account ! 

Rent this account 30days , you have to pay renew

If you After 30days no pay. ID's owner will take it back !

2. This account is able to do re-verify.   $3USD each time 

If re-verify failed. we will refund the payment of remain days

3. This account is not 100% can do vote ,If you want an account 100% can do vote , price expensive , you should contact newgameway before pay

4. Before Expire date , do renew need your melon ID, original order number of newgameway.

5. Do not change nickname and other account infor!


BUY MELON Streaming Pass at :



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MELON Streaming Pass

Buy melon package ,you can easy to listen and download music to support your idols.