league of legends (LOL) Korean Account Rent (one year)

Buy league of legends (LOL) Korean Riot Games Verified Account on www.newgameway.com

This account can do re-verify .

we charge 3USD to do re-verify  when your account blocked 

because game company requires to do some verification.

If re-verify failed. we do refund for the remain time.

Buy league of legends (LOL) Korea Verified Account newgameway.com

NOTE:1.This is clean account. NO level 30 character in it..
2.Account will be blocked if offline over 1 month.. It can not do unlock , take care!

3.Account unable to do re-verify . 

offical site :http://leagueoflegends.co.kr

game client download:

Buy  league of legends LOL,Riot cash at http://www.newgameway.com/lol-korea-cash-shop-riot-points


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